Updated October 2014

EducationCity: Science

Engaging graphics and activities, but teachers need more to meet the NGSS

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Although EducationCity's Science module includes engaging graphics and well-designed worksheets, it misses the mark somewhat when it comes to fully covering the NGSS science and engineering practices. Depending on whether or not your state has adopted the NGSS, you might find some activities here that are useful for teaching some specific content ideas.

The Good Vibrations activity is intended to help students conduct an investigation to show how vibrating materials make sound. However, the lab simply gives cookbook directions for creating an ear guitar. If you use this lesson, take it further and provide kids with a variety of materials they can use to design their own instruments. Similarly, the fifth-grade NGSS say that students should “develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.” EducationCity lists this standard but simply has kids label organisms, skipping the role of plants in converting matter into food -- a point of emphasis in the standards. As an extension, give kids a stack of cards that include different plants, animals, sunlight, air, and water and let them create their own posters showing the flow of matter.

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