Teacher Review for Edpuzzle

Create Interactive Video Lessons for Deeper Learning

Kellie A.
Technology coordinator
Cherry Creek School District, Greenwood Village, CO
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How I Use It
If you use video content as part of instruction, EdPuzzle can add some new opportunities for learning & engagement. As a teacher, you could have students watch existing video content (mostly from YouTube) and insert your own questions to focus both attention and retention. Or, if you are a teacher who creates your own video content, you can upload and add interactive elements. You can add audio commentary and/or create pauses for students to think about essential questions or ideas. The capability to trim a video is also a useful aspect -- this lets you focus only on the portion that you need. If you're not sure where to start, you can browse through existing lessons that have been shared by other users. EdPuzzle allows you to use their content as is or remix it for your own purposes. Like anything else that has user-generated content, this is hit & miss; however, the opportunity to look at how someone else has used the tool is always helpful. Finally, EdPuzzle lessons can be embedded into websites with provided embed code, so this could be a great companion to an existing LMS or teacher blog or website.
My Take
EdPuzzle is a great tool to use when incorporating video into instruction. While videos can be a great way to build knowledge, they also tend to be used for consumption, and this tool moves the activity into an interactive realm. The user interface is extremely easy to use for both students and teachers, and there is video content from wide variety of sources from which you can search. I liked the ability to upload your own video content, and the options for adding different interactive elements (multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and comments) can encourage deeper thinking and a better grasp of concepts. For those concerned about accountability for watching videos, you can also prevent skipping ahead. Students do need an account, but because you can log in with a Google account or an Edmodo account, it could simplify the login process for schools or districts using either of the above. However, be aware that while it appears that there is video content from a variety of sources, almost everything is based on YouTube. If YouTube is blocked by your school or district, you can still use TeacherTube, but the content is obviously limited.