Teacher Review for Edmodo

A great tool for flipping the classroom!

Jenna V.
Classroom teacher
Ripon High School
Ripon, United States
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Setup Time More than 15 minutes
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How I Use It
I mostly use Edmodo to get important links and homework to my students. Students might be assigned to watch a TED Talk or take a virtual tour of a museum and write responses. What I love is that students are able to do these things from home, as opposed to using class time to do this. Students like this kind of homework because it is different than a worksheet. With a limited copy budget, it also allows me to upload different texts for students to read at home, so that I don't have to make a lot of copies. I love being able to break students into small groups for online discussions and literature circles. I also use Edmodo as a means of getting my Honors students summer assignment to them. This has been tough because I teach Freshmen and it is difficult to get the set-up information to incoming students, especially since the class code locks after two weeks. I won't be using Edmodo for my summer assignment next year; instead I'll be using a class website I made through Google Sites. My students have struggled quite a bit with getting their Edmodo accounts set-up. I think this is mostly user error; I've had students sign up for teacher accounts, or set up multiple accounts, and a lot of issues with them forgetting their usernames and passwords. I have students keep Usernames and Passwords written down in their notebooks, but they still sometimes have issues.
My Take
I like Edmodo for getting information and different web resources out to students. This is a great tool for flipping the classroom and asking students to view videos or visit different sites before coming to class the next day. I'm not a big fan of the feed; like Facebook, posts pile up on top of each other. This can make posting discussion questions difficult because students have to sift through the feed in order to find the discussion questions you post. I wish there was a discussion board feature where your question could be posted at the top and students could respond below.