Teacher Review for Edmodo

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Kim P.
Media specialist/librarian
North Fairview Elementary School
Topeka, United States
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Setup Time More than 15 minutes
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How I Use It
I have a reading group of 25 3rd graders that routinely log in to Edmodo to do assignments, take quizzes, and have discussions about what we are reading. The quizzes are easy to create and you can do many formats of question/answers. Currently, my students are reading 7 different books in small groups. Edmodo gives me the chance to ask the small groups questions specific to their topic. I have also used Edmodo in my library classes with grades 3-6 for book discussions and research projects. It makes it easy to upload a file to distribute to students quickly when they need to use something. One thing I have found to be important is to set up guidelines at the beginning of no texting language, keeping the discussion appropriate to what we are talking about in class, and other such rules. Discussions can get way off track if those policies aren't set. Edmodo has a nice library of forms to download and personalize, such as a code of conduct and parent note to send home. Another feature that is helpful is to have an email sent to you every time someone posts something. While this is a bit cumbersome to your inbox, it is helpful in case someone posts something inappropriate and then deletes it. The email is a record of everything that is posted. I have only had to use that once, but it serves as an example of why they shouldn't post inappropriate things!
My Take
I love using Edmodo with my classes. While it takes a little effort to set up with younger classes, I have used it with 3rd-6th graders with success every time. It is a place where kids can have discussions as well as do assignments. Kids that don't regularly speak up in class have equal footing to join in on the discussion. Recently, I have found the quiz features and the small group options to be useful. There is a lot to explore on Edmodo that I haven't discovered yet.