Teacher Review for Edmodo

Edmodo is an easy way to upload lesson plans and communicate with your students.

Classroom teacher
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Special needs
How I Use It
This is an app that I use to upload lesson plans. It gives access for school personnel to read your lesson plans as well as parents to access them. I have not had any parents access mine, but hope that they will find this tool useful in the future. I did use it last year to upload a quiz on a social studies lesson but found that it was too difficult and time consuming to continue using for the students. The students who are at a K-5th grade reading level needed guidance accessing, being read the questions and answers, and answering the questions. I found that a better alternative was to access Edmodo from my computer, project it onto the Smartboard, and have the students answer in a whole group setting where students all listened, but were called on individually to answer.
My Take
Edmodo is great to upload lesson plans, quizzes, and assignments. As a special education teacher it is difficult in finding ways to use it where the students can use it independently. The staff in the classroom typically works in small groups with the students to answer quizzes and assignments. There is little to no parental involvement with this so it is not necessarily helpful for special needs students. However, if parents choose to access it to look at weekly lesson plans and updates it is extremely helpful for them to plan the week with their child.