Teacher Review for EasyBib

This is a great aid for students to keep track of resources and produce a works cited.

Diane M.
Media specialist/librarian
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Arts
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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Student-driven work
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Special needs
How I Use It
I encourage students, when they are starting their research, to immediately open a word document and as they are using websites, books, and databases to create a citation for each resource and save it to that document. That way they don't forget their resources, can easily find them later, and have them at hand when they must produce their Works Citeds. The students must still find the bibliographic information on the title and verso page, but do not get hung up on when to use commas, periods, italics, etc., which makes their task a little less daunting to them. However, they quickly discover that they can just enter an ISBN and website URL and chances are Easy Bib will have the citation in their database--which makes it even easier to use. The kids also love using their smart phones to gather the citations through the free app.
My Take
Most of our students hate doing bibliographic citations and this is a great site for students to use to track their resources when they are doing research and not get bogged down in the formatting of citations. It can be used either by putting in the bibliographic information that the student finds or entering the ISBN of the book or web address of the site to see if it is contained Easy Bib's data base. There is also a free app for smart phones that can scan the ISBN of a book and produce a citation that can be e-mailed to a student's account and then be copied and pasted into their word document Works Cited. Easy Bib also offers APA and Chicago styles, not just MLA, so this is a tool that once learned can go to college with them. While there are advantages to Easy Bib over NoodleTools (the ISBN scanning), NoodleTools does offer a free account that the student can open that saves their citations in alphabetical order, so when done can just be printed up. There may be a way to save in Easy Bib with the paid subscription, but we use the free site. I wish there was a way to combine these two bibliographic generators--then it would be perfect. Easy Bib also offers professional development through webinars and e-mails even without the paid subscription.