Teacher Review for Earthquakes for Kids

Lots of resources - all on one site!

Donna M.
Classroom teacher
Vista Visions Academy
Vista, United States
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My Subjects Science, Health & Wellness
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How I Use It
I use this site with middle school and high school earth science students. The site combines links from many sources to explore earthquakes. I realize it is rated for grades 1-6 and some of the parts of the site are appropriate for younger students, but many of the links on the site reinforce earth science concepts appropriate for the middle and high school levels. I use the Faultline section (Exploratorium) links for student research on historically large earthquakes, reviewing plate tectonic concepts and exploring how engineering principles can prevent damage during a quake. Although the animations (USGS) are very basic, they provide a good visual for exploring the types of faults.
My Take
Parts of the site are great and other parts (such as earthquake ABCs and most of the games), I did not find appropriate. It seems like the developers of this site tried to do too much. They compiled resources from Google Earth, the Exploratorium, USGS and student developed projects. If the teacher spends time exploring the resources and using the ones that work for his/her class, students can benefit, but using the whole site is not appropriate for any age group.