Teacher Review for Drafting Board

Customize and challenge students to develop their argumentative writing skills! A great teacher tool.

Jennifer C.
Classroom teacher
Carson High School
Carson City, United States
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies
My Rating
Learning Scores
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Great with General
How I Use It
To support my instruction of argumentative writing. It provides differentiation with different levels of scaffolding and challenge levels to address a wide variety of student abilities. It provides timely feedback for students. Well worth the set up time. The material is ready - to - go, but I wanted to review and prepare before introducing it to students.
My Take
A great tool to have on hand. The one thing I would like to see is the ability for the teacher to develop their own scenarios into the same interactive format ( I would pay for this). The vocabulary and reading level is high, not sure it would be able to be used with lower level language learners.