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Discovery Education (Free Resources)

Extensive array of Science, English, Social Studies, and Math resources – some free.

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  • English Language Arts
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  • Science
  • Social Studies

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Pros: Discovery Education provides a ton of different digital media to help kids on the four core subjects.

Cons: As teachers and students dig through the free resources, they are continually pointed towards potentially better tools that cost money.

Bottom Line: Free videos, games, and homework help on Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.

Teachers can use the free resources on Discovery Education to supplement their existing curriculum.  Teachers might post specific links to certain resources on their classroom website.  Students will need direction to find tools that are connected to what they are doing in class.  For example, kids who are designing their own scientific investigation may want to check out Science Fair Central, a free resource provided by Discovery Education.  Another neat tool is the PuzzleMaker that allows teachers to use their own vocabulary to make cross word and other types of puzzles.

Teachers who are flipping their classrooms can assign specific videos or interactive activities to introduce new ideas at home.  This will free up class time to explore the material more deeply with group work, class discussions, or experiments.

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Discovery Education hosts an extensive set of Science, English, Social Studies, and Math assets including digital text, audio, video, and assessment resources. This review will highlight the free tools offered to teachers, parents, and students. Many other resources are also available for a cost.

Discovery Education’s Free Resources for Teachers provide ways for teachers to capitalize on student learning beyond the school day.  These include lesson plans, worksheets, virtual field trips, and virtual labs.  Teachers are connected with additional Discovery Education sites such as the Science Fair Central and Science of Everyday life.  In addition there are lesson plans like Explore Galapagos that integrate both science and social studies concepts.  While the integration helps kids make connections in their learning, this particular activity is almost impossible to read because of the small blue on blue text. As students and teachers work through the free tasks related materials that cost money are highlighted off to the side with links to their teacher store.

Parents have their own section of free resources.  Included is WebMath, a free step by step help on topics from Elementary Math to Calculus.  Be cautious though - In certain topics, such as Simplifying a Trigonometric Expression, kids can type in their homework problem and it will spit out the answer with work. The Parent Corner also includes Motivation Station and Summer Activities with articles and ideas for families to support learning from home.

Discovery Education has a section called Free Student Resources that features games and homework help.  However at the time of the review there was only one game listed, “Heads Up!” that emphasized the dangers of distracted driving. But if you dig around in the Homework Help you can find more interactive activities in General Resources, such as the virtual lab “Ponder-This” that lets kids manipulate human impacts and see what it does to a pond. While these tools are fun and cool, it does not seem that easy for kids to get help on homework other than math.  They will need direction towards targeted useful resources in science and social studies.

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Marcello S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary School
San Jose, CA
High quality curated resources with a ton of media options
This is a great resource and its free. I have experienced the paid version and deeply wished they made it available for free or a more reasonable price, it really does have much more resources. The student facing products are extremely basic and not engaging, definitely more of a teacher facing website. I would love to see them open up more of the content that is behind the paywall, maybe in a rotating way of letting some videos/resources go free for a month at a time.
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