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Computer science curriculum offers great feedback, fun challenges

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Pros: Video lessons are clear and easy to follow, and the guidance kids will get from actual tutors (with a premium subscription) is great.

Cons: You can't do much without paying for access; a subscription is required to view most sections, and you can’t send tutors questions without one.

Bottom Line: Effective tools and clear lessons teach real programming, but you'll have to spend some cash to help kids master it.

Teens can move through the individual lessons on their own, or you can share them with the whole class. Videos are short enough (less than five minutes each) to hold students’ interest, and they provide visual instruction and narration to help kids follow along. Each section also includes exercises that let users test out what they're learning by creating code instructions, simple games, or other items.

If students are working independently, teachers can create an account and monitor their class to see which sections students have completed. With a paid subscription, teachers can also either check students' work or encourage them to contact the site's tutors for input. In fact, CodeHS was designed to provide everything a classroom teacher needs to support and deliver a high-quality computer science course in their school.

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CodeHS is a website (and Chrome app) that features programming lessons and puzzles to help students learn to write and use code. Users watch short videos that explain design concepts -- these are also available as slide shows -- and then complete online challenges. With a premium subscription, kids can get personalized feedback from qualified tutors or ask questions. The complete lessons mirror the topics and exercises common in a basic computer science course. Five full yearlong courses (Intro to CS in JavaScript, Intro to CS in Python, Computing Ideas, AP CS Principles, and AP CS in Java) are available, as are a number of supplemental courses, including online professional development for teachers. 

There are several ways to get access: Students can sign up with an access code provided by a teacher (based on a paid school membership) or get an individual membership. Four individual packages are available for a range of prices, from free to an ultra-premium membership with access to one-on-one tutoring. Each level of membership includes increasing access to learning modules and support.

While the program seems costly at first glance, the high-quality instruction is worth it. Lessons were created for beginners, so they're easy to understand. Because each section is broken down into individual lessons, students can learn at their own pace and track their progress on the site, helping them set and complete educational goals. The first module is especially accessible for beginners as students move Karel, the dog, around the screen, dropping balls using basic code. Kids will also have fun with the first results of their coding: retro games and simple art programs. Once they've mastered concepts, they can get creative and design their own games. Accessibility-wise, CodeHS is great: Content is neatly organized into tabs, and sections include visual examples and text to fully explain concepts.


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Instructional videos have a conversational tone and step carefully through concepts. Kids work methodically through approachable, easily digestible sections.


Kids learn as they go and can get personalized feedback (with a paid premium package). Working through a more traditional computer science curriculum, students explore key concepts and practice writing code in an interactive editor.


Learners can view a cheat sheet and track progress. Classroom subscriptions offer access to experts, who answer questions and review assignments, and teachers get responses to support emails in less than a day.

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Jordan O. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Wyoming Girl's School
Sheridan, United States
If you don't have a background in coding, but want your students to learn it, this is the site for you!
Being that I do not have a background in computer science, I have given CodeHS a try. It allows me to learn right alongside my students. My students love coding, and love being able to control Karel. As mentioned previously, if you have YouTube blocked, you may have problems with the videos. Overall, a great coding tool
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