Updated July 2014

Codecademy: APIs

Tough tutorials challenge students to integrate APIs into their coding

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Codecademy's API courses are very different than the site's other offerings. There are 29 different API options; YouTube, Twitter, and Evernote, being just a few that students may find engaging to work with. However, all learners will need to know the basics of Ruby, JavaScript, or Python, up front before beginning these courses. While students will enjoy the opportunity to use a popular service's API, they'll need to register as developers in many cases in order to get the necessary access. Be sure to offer extra scaffolding for this, when applicable.

As much as students will love being able to use the APIs, they're bound to find these courses challenging. Teachers should know the first half of each lesson mostly consists of heavy reading and quizzes -- be sure to offer a variety of other activities to keep kids engaged. The lessons' second halves tend to be fast and short; students will need additional opportunities to practice integrating the API from scratch.

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