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Classwork Zoom

Keep tabs on student workflow with handy Google extension

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Pros: Integrates with Google Classroom and displays student work on a timeline.

Cons: The timeline must be manually refreshed by the teacher to get the most current information.

Bottom Line: Classwork Zoom can be a great tool for any teacher who frequently assigns Google documents.

Teachers can use Classwork Zoom to monitor and manage their students' productivity using Google products such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Classwork Zoom pulls all of the document's revision history into one place. Typically, if teachers wanted to view this information, they'd have to devote time to opening each document and scrolling through the revision history. Classwork Zoom solves this problem by showing the entire class's work on an assignment in a timeline. Classwork Zoom can also identify when a student appears to have pasted in a large amount of text, helping teachers keep an eye on potential issues with plagiarism. For example, a teacher might notice early on that a student is pasting information into the document from a website. While this may have usually gone unnoticed until this student turned in the assignment, the teacher can now have the appropriate conversation to get this student back on track early on. A glance on the timeline will allow teachers to identify students who have gaps of inactive time on a document. Teachers can then focus on supporting these students.

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Classwork Zoom is a Google Chrome extension for teachers that integrates with Google Classroom and Google documents (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and displays the document's history on a timeline. Teachers will be able to select their classes and assignments, quickly getting a sense for each student's productivity. Teachers have access to a variety of settings that allow them to add or remove the information mentioned above from the timeline view. When multiple students are working on a document, Classwork Zoom will show percentages for each student's contribution. It will also alert teachers when an unassigned user adds content to a document that user wasn't assigned to. When teachers spots a potential issue, they can click on the student's timeline and access the document for closer inspection. Teachers can also see their -- and any co-teacher's -- contributions to student documents.

Classwork Zoom is a productivity tool for teachers. The benefit to students will come from a teacher accessing and using the information provided by Classwork Zoom to make classroom management decisions. Easily monitoring all students' work will allow teachers to address issues and provide the support students need to increase their efficiency. Since teachers need to manually refresh to get the most up-to-date information, an auto-refresh feature might be very helpful. While Classwork Zoom can help teachers focus on encouraging individual students, it's most valuable for teachers who use Google tools often. 

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Classwork Zoom is only used by the teacher. As such, it won't directly engage students but will allow teachers to help students focus.


Allows teachers to analyze information on student workflow and more quickly identify students to support.


While there's no starting tutorial, the extension features a clean and simple design that's easy to use.

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Benjamin S. , Principal/head of school
Principal/head of school
Teachers at my school swear by this product . It's affordable and provides significant insight into the relationship between students' work habits and their achievement. Great to get that conversation started and promote effective work habits early.
Classwork Zoom is a great product and I'm glad teachers in my building are using it. If I were still in the classroom, I would use it as a tool to support effective work habits and time management.
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