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Lessons and quizzes provide thorough, if uninspired online practice

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Pros: Excellent CCSS alignment, strong teacher tools, and great bilingual math content make for useful individualized practice.

Cons: There's not much to hold students' attention once they get past the novelty of online practice.

Bottom Line: A great tool for practice, but it's not likely to keep kids engaged for the long haul.

Teachers will find ClassK12 effective for students who need some extra practice. The Spanish math lessons will be particularly helpful for teachers looking to make sure their Spanish-speaking students keep up with math concepts. Students who finish early may enjoy working ahead on more advanced concepts. ClassK12 allows for easy differentiation, and the reports will help teachers analyze areas where students may need additional support. Teachers can also download concept worksheets for easy review.

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ClassK12 is a Web-based collection of online lessons and quizzes for grades 1 through 5. Teachers create classes on the website and assign students either Language Arts or Math at various grade levels, with support for students who learn in Spanish. The tool is aligned with Google Classroom, allowing you to assign topics or have students hand them in through that portal. There are also excellent reports that break down a student's progress in each area.

Once setup is complete, students log in and complete the assignments. They will see all subjects assigned to them and choose the specific area they wish to work on. They are able to select practicing a skill or completing assessments in that area. All activities are basic fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice questions.

ClassK12 provides very thorough practice with excellent Common Core State Standards alignment. Many teachers will also appreciate the alignment with Google Classroom. However, it's unfortunate that students can see the level assigned to them (a grade 4 student working on grade 2 math will have to click on "grade 2 math" rather than a less-obvious or less-discouraging title). In addition, students will be unlikely to find the activities very engaging -- these are basically online worksheets.

There are a couple of games students can play, but they're not particularly exciting and they don't relate to any math or ELA concepts; they're just padding. Students can also earn coins for completing activities, but they don't currently do anything. Students may eventually be able to purchase digital stickers with them, but even that is unlikely to motivate them for very long.

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Students may initially enjoy practicing with these tools, but there's not much here to really engage them.


Great online practice with good supporting help text, but there's nothing revolutionary or especially adaptive.


Lessons and quizzes are easy to use, and there's an excellent option to learn in Spanish.

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