Teacher Review for ClassDojo

A simple and useful tool for classroom management

Graham E.
Classroom teacher
Mc Millan Magnet Middle School
Omaha, United States
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How I Use It
I use this as a method of classroom management with rewards given quarterly. My use is a bit different though as I see all students K-6. Rather than giving and taking points according to actions, I simply give every student 5 points at the beginning of the quarter and they must keep them. Students can redeem themselves and gain points if they have changed their behavior over a period of time.
My Take
Overall, I would say this is an easy method of keeping track of student behavior if you see multiple classes throughout the day. A classroom teacher would have an easier time of giving and taking points rather than my way of just taking them. I find that as students reach 5th or 6th grade, this form of classroom management becomes less useful. Whether this is a reflection of my student population, I'm not certain. There are options to engage parents, which would be very useful if our parent's were more interested in keeping track of their student's behavior. This would most likely be implemented in a school-wide fashion.