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Great classroom management tool, but make sure that it works for you!

Caitlin L.
Instructional Technology Facilitator
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Health & Wellness
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Setup Time 5-15 minutes
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How I Use It
I use ClassDojo in my classroom where I teach Creative Expressions to K-5 classes who come to visit me for specials as a part of 7-day rotation. Last year, I struggled with finding a behavior management tool that I could use in my classroom where I switch classes every 50 minutes and see them once a week. A few years ago, when I was a classroom teacher, I used ClassDojo with my third grade classroom. I set it up for each student to have their own profile. I also sent out weekly reports to parents. This quickly became too much daily work, and I got burnt out after a few weeks. I know of other teachers in my school who had a similar experience. Which is why I was a bit apprehensive to start using the ClassDojo again in Creative Expressions. I knew I needed to use it a different way to make sure it wouldn't become to overwhelming, like it did before. This time I set up a profile for each class, not individual students, which would have been a nightmare for almost 800 students. Classes work as a team to earn points for their monster. My advice for setting up points, is to tie your points to your school and classroom expectations. Make it a clear yes or no answer if they get the point or not. For example, classes either gain or lose a point based off of if they clean up all materials before the time goes off. If they reach their point goal for the day, then they do not have to sit in assigned table spots, but get to choose their own. I do not send out parent reports. When classroom teachers come to pick up their class from my room they see how their class did and we discuss what went well and what the class can continue to work on. It is great to have teachers in my school buy into the point system in my classroom. Classes have also started up friendly competitions between each other. At the end of each quarter, classes take a look at their data and we discuss what went well and what goals we should make for the next quarter.
My Take
ClassDojo can be a really great tool, when used correctly. It can very easily get to be too much and be overwhelming. I would suggest to start off small with it. If you are a classroom teacher think about creating a monster for the whole class, table groups, or guided reading groups. If that seems to be working for you then you could try moving forward towards creating individual monsters for students. ClassDojo has great tools to go with the points, such as the classroom timer and data organized in easy to read graphs. I would not sent out parent reports to all parents. I would suggest to only send out to those parents of students who you are concerned about or have a behavior plan for. My advice is to make sure that ClassDojo is helping you out, and not just creating more work for you.