Teacher Review for ClassDojo

Students taking responsibility of their behavior!

My Rating
Learning Scores
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Small group
Whole class
Great with Special needs
How I Use It
This app is mostly used in whole class by the student assigned to the job. I bring my smartphone with me in the hallway to continue awarding points in the hallway. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to use it, which is why I try to have students run it. Only responsible students get assigned the job because it turns into an argument if a student goes rogue and assigns their own points! If I'm not using my projector, I will put up the Class Dojo website so students can see their points in real time. This helps students modify their behavior even if I don't say anything because they can see their points change. It gives you the option to have a running total for the week or you can start over daily. I like to start class periods fresh at zero because as a special ed teacher, I don't see all my kids the same amount of time and it wouldn't be fair.
My Take
Running Class Dojo is one of my classroom jobs. Points are kept track of throughout the day and updated on our Class Dojo chart. The person at the end of the week is the "Student of the Week". I like Class Dojo because you can give positive and negative points. It tracks my ratio of positive to negative feedback, which helps me make sure I'm reinforcing correct behavior instead of just nagging kids. I also like that you can set your own unique behavior categories. I don't necessarily count this as a learning tool. It does make a difference in student behavior, which in turn helps keep the classroom productive, but I don't think the kids are really learning anything from Class Dojo. It is useful to see patterns of behavior. I track my students with autism and it's helped me figure out triggers (as in, Johnny gets a bunch of negative points after lunch, he needs time to cool down after all the stimulation). I wish you could edit classes directly from the app instead of having to go on the website.