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CK-12: Geometry

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CK-12's Geometry module includes a wide variety of resources, including reading passages, pre- and post-read activities, assessments, videos, study aids, and Web links. Topic coverage is extremely comprehensive, including Definitions and Introductions to Proof, Pythagorean Theorem, Perimeter, Circumference, Area, and a whole host of others. As with other CK-12 math modules, topics are further broken down into subtopics, so it's easy to search for resources that align to specific lessons you're teaching.

No matter what topic you're teaching, you can have your students complete the Read activities as part of a lesson wrap-up. They can work individually or in collaborative groups, but it's probably best to also review and discuss the Guided Practice answers as a whole class. The videos make for great whole-class instructional support -- you can pause to address specific concerns or address potential problem areas in more detail.

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Samantha S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Wilde Lake Middle School
Columbia, United States
Great resource for students and teachers-CK-12
This product is a great resource for teachers and students. This would be a great resource to use in a flipped classroom setting because of all the instructional material available as well as the practice problems available. The teacher can see what the students complete from the teacher view. Teachers can assign their students readings, instructional videos, adaptive practice, simulations and more. There is so much to offer and everything is curriculum standards based. This is a resource that is availa ...
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