Teacher Review for CK-12: Earth Science

A great resource for Earth Science Teachers wanting to move away from the traditional textbook!

Barbara H.
Former Education Content & Professional Development Manager Common Sense
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How I Use It
CK-12 Earth Science is broken into many different units and could be useful to any Earth Science Teacher that is looking for additional resources to help personalize, differentiate or flip their classroom lessons. There are short passages, video clips, real world applications and more on topics covering all the branches of Earth Science - Astronomy, Oceanography, Meteorology, Geology and then topics extending to Human Impact and Ecology. Every unit has questions incorporated in the reading and small assessments. You can also create groups or classes and share certain readings, assessments or extension activities with those groups and monitor the progress of your students by accessing the reports tab. Students and Teachers can ask questions about the material in the Q&A tab. The Q&A feature is very useful for teachers that are flipping the classroom because students can ask their questions while completing the assignment and you can address their questions the following day in class.
My Take
Overall, I think CK-12 is a great resource to introduce a topic or to provide additional resources to a student that is struggling understanding a difficult topic, for example: the Coriolis Effect or Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Working in a 1:1 district, we have moved away from a traditional textbook but some of my students would benefit from some pre-reading. I would most likely use this to flip my lessons and assign a passage or video clip before I teach the lesson. I would also use this to personalize learning and assign enrichment activities to students that need additional explanations to master the concepts. One way that this resource could serve my students better is the animations of the material. The animations are very basic and probably need more explanation for my students to really learn from them and stay interested in the topics. I also liked some of the real world applications but I felt like I needed to do a lot of clicking to find ones that I wanted to use in my classes. A more streamlined way to search the site might make this resource more user friendly to the teacher and less time consuming.