Updated November 2014

CK-12: Chemistry

Solid supplemental resources cover traditional chem topics

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CK-12's Chemistry module addresses traditional High School Chemistry concepts like reactions, phases of matter, and quantitative relationships. Some AP and IB chemistry concepts are also covered, including Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Some topics have more resources than others but most have a combination of direct instruction, guided practice, and assessment tasks. Certain videos like “Electronegativity” have low production quality and lack excitement. However, the information is accurate and to-the-point, making it ideal help for kids who are absent.

If you're looking to address the Next Generation of Science Standards Science and Engineering Practices, check out the resources titled Real World Application on CK-12 Chemistry. For example “Right There or Somewhere” examines different models of the atom. Kids are asked to look at electron spectra to evaluate the Bohr and quantum mechanical models, which is great at addressing the NGSS (although, at the time of review, there were a few technical issues).


  • Right There or Somewhere: Read and compare the Bohr’s model to the Quantum Mechanical Model of atoms.
  • Drug Discovery Process: Watch animated video to see what it takes to bring a drug to the market.
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