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CK-12: Biology

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CK-12's Biology module offers information on almost 350 concepts organized into nine categories (Evolution, Ecology, and more) -- these resources can support just about any topic your class might tackle. The readings are detailed and informative; many include explanatory video clips, related Web links, and review questions. As with other CK-12 subjects, the Real World Applications pieces are a highlight, and do a superb job of making content relevant to kids.

Among the site's many resources, you'll find many usable lesson suggestions. Have your students craft pre-writes to support reading for understanding when it comes time to tackle a science text. You can also use the digital practice questions, which include easily viewable data. Assign several of these on related topics as pre-tests -- you can identify your students’ prior knowledge and create differentiated groups. Or, you can make your own curricular masterpiece (a FlexBook textbook) by selecting just the concepts you teach and editing the text to suit your specific needs. You can even make more than one version using similar content from the site.

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