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CK-12: Arithmetic

Diverse set of resources helps different learners prep for high school

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This set of resources for grades 6 through 8 includes reading passages, pre- and post-reading activities, assessments, videos, study aids, and Web links. The main topics covered are Whole Numbers and Integers, Applications of Reciprocals, Order of Real Numbers, Equations with Ratios and Proportions, Percents, Decimals, Properties of Rational Numbers, Properties of Numbers, and Mental Math. Each topic is broken down into several subtopics, making it easy to find resources that align to specific lesson material.

Because the site covers so many different topics, you can use these resources in a variety of ways. Look for the Read resources that align to lessons you're already teaching -- you can have kids use them as part of a lesson introduction. They can read the passage, complete the guided practice individually, and then share their responses with a partner or in small groups. Use the videos during whole-class instruction, pausing to discuss and explain any common areas of confusion. The assessments could work well as pre- or post-unit tests, to help you gauge how well students are understanding the concepts.

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