Updated October 2014

CK-12: Algebra

Comprehensive coverage supports students, from basics to quadratics

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CK-12's Algebra offering (via website or Chrome app) is a set of well-organized resources you can use to supplement your curriculum. Resources include reading passages, pre- and post-read activities, assessments, videos, study aids, and web links, all of which can help in catering to students with different learning styles and abilities. The topics covered include Graphs and Functions, Rational Expressions, Matrices, Linear Equations, Polynomials, and Factoring, just to name a few. All topics are further broken down into subtopics, which makes it easy to find just the right resource for almost any algebra concept you're teaching.

Keep an eye out for the Read activities -- have students complete these to help reinforce concepts from your own lessons. You can assign them as individual reading, but it might be helpful to do the Guided Practice problems as a class. The videos are best used for whole-class instruction, where you can pause to give details and address areas of potential confusion. Use the assessments as post-lesson resources to gauge kids' learning, and offer them extra practice as needed.

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Tiffany M. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Southwest High School
Jacksonville, United States
Great variety of topics to choose from for math!
I think this tool would be fine for whole class instruction or individual assignments/assessments. I think it lacks student feedback and options for students that speak other languages.
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