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Great and quick resources for sheet music.

Sunshine M.
Music Teacher Pre-K-5
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My Subjects Arts
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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This is definitely a product for adults. It could be useful to students if they were looking for sheet music of their favorite songs to play, but I think Chromatik would be best utilized by teachers or adult musicians. I don't see a practical use for this product with younger grades, however, it might be useful in upper level music classes or with performing ensembles. It would be useful for students looking for sheet music and could be fun to show to students and have them look at the differences in scores between instruments and voicings. This product is a great support for the teacher who is looking for a song for particular instruments and I love the variety on the site. There is a lot of music to choose from and each sheet music score is linked to a video. It is important to note that the score does not correlate exactly with the you tube video and the video seems to be just a supportive aural example of the score.
My Take
This is something you might be able to utilize with older students, but not in younger grades at all. Furthermore, you would be using this tool with a very small and specific learning group. This product great for adults and music teachers/band teachers/chorus teachers, etc. It is a great quick references for sheet music arranged for a wide variety of instruments. The sheet music on the screen does not always correlate, however, with the audio sample the site provides. I would also be concerned about copyright usage with the site as it does have music that is currently under copyright. I am not sure what the parameters are for printing and distributing the music. I would be careful and use the site and the scores it provides prudently.