Teacher Review for Chromatik

Free Sheet Music, Annotation, and Recording tools all in one place

Cameron M.
Technology coordinator
Hoover City Schools
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How I Use It
This site allows students or teachers to choose sheet music from a variety of categories and play along with the music. Students can mark time with the free included metronome. They can also make notations using the included annotation tools if using an iPad. Android is not available as of this review. Students can learn the song using a reference track and can record a full recording to track their own progress or to let an instructor hear the progress. Up to 15 second audio or video clips of a student's recording can be shared on You Tube, Facebook, or Twitter.The web site is easy to navigate. Students choose an instrument and when a song is chosen, the sheet music for that instrument is displayed along with a play button to play the recorded track that goes with the music.
My Take
This web tool allows students to learn independently and to easily access sheet music that would often be difficult or expensive to find. The site allows you to choose your instrument from a variety of instruments from piano to voice to alto saxophone with a total of 25 instruments available. Once an instrument is chosen, the sheet music will be shown for that instrument. Each piece includes a recording that follows along with the sheet music. The annotation, metronome and recording tools allow students to note progress independently and then share the progress later with an instructor or peer. Teachers must take responsibility for students following the terms and conditions of the site and to sign up students need to be 13 or older. However, teachers could also use the site for a whole group lesson to demonstrate. Note that the site will not teach anyone how to read music, it is geared for those who already read music and need specific sheet music for a particular instrument. I enjoyed finding popular music like Elton John's Tiny Dancer in addition to Jazz favorites, oldies, and chart toppers. You are sure to find something you could use in the selection of 33 categories provided on the site. This site is definitely worth a try.