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Nichole S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Brentwood High School
Pittsburgh, United States
Great information resource for teachers.
I do like using MyPlate.gov as a resource when planning and teaching my nutrition unit to my middle school students. There are many ways to use the information on the website to develop lessons on foods and nutrition and overall healthy eating. The supplementary materials are useful for reviewing material once it has been covered and it all aligns with the MyPlate guidelines. I also love that the website does have multiple languages as I have ESL students in my classes and this allows me to present the ...
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Unclear whether this product supports interactions between trusted users.
Personal information can be displayed publicly.
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Unclear whether users can create or upload content.
Unclear whether this product provides processes to access and review user data.
Unclear whether this product provides processes to modify data for authorized users.
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Personal information is not shared for third-party marketing.
Unclear whether this product displays traditional or contextual advertisements.
Personalised advertising is not displayed.

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