Teacher Review for Celly

Privacy and Collaboration are two great reasons to use Celly!

Lisa K.
Technology coordinator
Babson College
Wellesley, United States
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My Rating
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Small group
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
Celly is a communication platform that can be used to create a social network in the classroom. Celly does not require any exchange of personal information to communicate and is accessible via iPhone, Android, Web, SMS text and by email. It seems the main attraction to Celly is the easy setup up of groups. In Celly, groups are called "cells". In each cell, members have the ability to chat, conduct polls, send reminders, and alerts using SMS text messaging, email, or the Celly website. Cells are easy to create and it is also very easy to invite members once it it is setup. Celly is a great tool for group communication and collaboration. What is nice about Celly is that cell (group) messaging can be monitored. It is also a nice tool for teachers to communicate and share information with one cell at a time instead of addressing an entire class. Another great feature is polling that can be used for a quick assessment or as a opinion poll. The polling feature includes graphs and is updated in realtime. Celly is also a nice tool to send reminders where you have the ability to schedule a reminder up to 90 days before it is sent.
My Take
Celly is a nice collaboration tool that is not difficult to access or setup. In the student world of texting, Celly allows students to communicate they way they know so there is no learning curve. The cell (group) setup is easy and I like the idea of quickly communicating with one cell to monitor a project. Privacy seems to be taken seriously with Celly. Everyone using Celly is known by their Celly Username not their phone number or email. There are also restrictions that can be setup regarding who can join a group and who can send messages. There is also a function that can be setup to hide member names and show message anonymously. One thing to keep in mind about Celly is that although it is free, standard text message and data rates from a phone carrier apply although Celly states in their documentation that when you receive a text from your cell group you are only charged by your carrier for one text.