Teacher Review for Buncee

Buncee is such an incredible tech tool that has totally transformed learning in my classroom! It inspires creativity in all students while giving them a choice and a voice in the entire learning process!

Barbie M.
Classroom teacher
Carrollwood Day School
Tampa, United States
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My Rating
Learning Scores
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Creation
Further application
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
Buncee is an incredible tech tool for my classroom. I have utilized Buncee in all subject. My students beg to Buncee! I have used it in Math for students to explain a concept they are learning. Students have had the option of explaining the concept utilizing the text box. They have also utilized creating a video to explain the concept we have been working on during class. Students have thoroughly enjoyed using Buncee in this way. As a teacher, this makes it clear which students thoroughly understand the concept and which students would benefit from another lesson. I love using Buncee in Reading, and our Unit of Inquiry which included History and Science. Students love creating vocabulary slides with our vocabulary words. Their slides must have the word and definition. Additionally, they must select a background, sticker, and animation that support the vocabulary word and definition. They become completely engrossed in the process, and I have seen scores through the roof after using Buncee. Students have worked collaboratively after reading a text. They create a Buncee to showcase the text and events. Students also create projects using Buncee. These projects have focused on the human body systems, peacemakers, and port of entry projects just to name a few. The possibilities are truly endless with Buncee.
My Take
Buncee is an incredible technology tool for any classroom. I love how user friendly Buncee is. I learned really quickly, once you introduce students to the Buncee canvas - MAGIC happens. Students eagerly begin exploring and creating. Students are so inspired to create and actually beg to Buncee which is truly music to any teacher's ears. I love how student creativity is inspired by Buncee. I have seen students go above and beyond while using Buncee. Had they been given another tool or traditional paper to complete the assignment, the work would have done minimally. With Buncee, students realize they have a choice in their creativity and their voice is encouraged. As a result, the end product is beyond incredible. What I truly love, learning is happening throughout the process. In order for students to produce their Buncee, they must know their subject. As long as teachers are clear with their requirements, learning WILL happen. Students may think they are just having fun, but in reality, they are showing they truly learned the content while creating an incredible presentation piece that can be shared. That's another benefit of Buncee. Students are able to share their work easily with others which gives them even more of a reason to step up their work knowing they may have an authentic audience viewing it. Buncee truly is an incredible tool that has transformed learning in my classroom!