Common Sense Review
Updated May 2014

BrainPOP: Science

Silliness and simplicity make for great animated science video clips
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Common Sense Rating 4
  • The animated characters, Tim & Moby, provide clear content and age-appropriate humor.
  • Science videos can be found in corresponding units, searchable by keyword, or viewed alphabetically.
  • Quizzes (10 multiple-choice questions) can be taken in “classic” or “review” mode, as well as completed online or printed.
  • A closed-captioning option is available for some activities.
Christie Thomas
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

BrainPOP's science offering is easy to incorporate and fun to use. Science teachers will love the accurate content and appropriate vocabulary, and kids love learning while laughing along the way. Show videos during whole-class instruction, then have students take the quiz together by voting on the correct answers (the “review quiz” –- which requires a correct answer -– is best here). Or, if students are working at different stations around a classroom, have some computers available (with headphones) as a BrainPOP-viewing station. Here, do the quizzes in “classic” style, so you'll get information on students' success. In a flipped-class scenario, students could watch BrainPOP videos from home, completing activity sheets and quizzes when they return to school.

BrainPOP is great for introducing a topic, sharing necessary vocabulary, or reviewing within a unit. However, it's not designed to help kids create their own scientific understanding or challenge their preconceptions. Because they're short, and because kids love them, BrainPOP's clips are at the very least a great way to fill unexpected, end-of-class minutes, or as a transition activity. They can also be used as an extension activity, allowing more advanced students opportunities for enrichment.

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