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BrainPOP: Social Studies

Charming videos let kids explore the many facets of society

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BrainPop's Social Studies offering addresses almost everything about how people behave in society. It's broken down into seven sections: Culture, Economics, Famous Historical Figures, Geography, U.S. Government and Law, U.S. History, and World History. There's also a section to help kids “learn the things that people do,” ranging from airport security to being an Olympian. This much information would be overwhelming if it weren't so well-organized, visually appealing, and accessible. Complex social concepts, historical events, and government entities are explained in a light, genial tone that kids will appreciate. However, sometimes this tone could come across as too casual when dealing with sensitive subjects, so be sure to preview material before you turn kids loose.

For lesson ideas, you can always go directly to the BrainPOP Educators section, but even without the lesson plans, there are a ton of activity options for your classroom. You can watch the short videos during class time, or use a flipped model and have kids watch at home. These social studies lessons lend themselves well to creative activities; have students explain a complex topic by writing their own comics in the style of the site. For a research project or presentation, the Famous Historical Figures section is a great place to have kids find a captivating topic.

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Stephanie W. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Pine Brook Elementary School
Englishtown, United States
Using BrainPop for Public Service Announcements
Brain Pop is a wonderful supplemental teaching tool for my technology students who must do a Public Service Announcement on a human interest topic. The use Brain Pop as their first resource for researching topics to find something interesting that they'd like to delve into. It is excellent not only for my regular classroom students, but for my students whose first language is spanish. Each Concept is broken down in terms that are easiest for even my lowest level 6th graders to understand clearly, but still interesting enough for my highest level 6th graders to enjoy. If the students want more information, Brain Pop provides quizzes and additional information for further investigation. The Brain Pop Educators allows you to look for resources using State Standards, Subject and Grade Level if you are looking for a specific resource. It also has a game section, a customized feature and pages for ELL Students and lower level/younger students. I love using Brain Pop as a first top for high-interest investigating and to get the students psyched for research.
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