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BrainPOP Jr.: Science

Make science pop with amusing activities plus literacy strategies

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BrainPOP Jr.'s Science module includes a host of elementary science concept coverage. In addition to topics like animals, plants, habitats, conservation, matter, energy, weather, and space, there's also a section just for science skills. Every topic has a video, a game, lesson plans, worksheets, and quizzes. What's more, literacy tools are available to help kids read, write, and talk about science.

While the videos are informative and fun, kids will learn best when they also do the accompanying lesson ideas. In “Sink or Float,” kids first watch cartoon characters try to make sense of the concept. The following partner activity empowers student scientists to predict and test which items will actually float. Click on “Talk about it” for ways to encourage more science discourse in your class. While these may look like yet another worksheet, they're best used as tools to help kids make sense of science through conversation. Even though BrainPOP Jr. isn't currently aligned to the Next Generation of Science Standards, teachers should be able to find materials that meet these expectations, perhaps with a bit tweaking.


  • Sink or Float?: Watch a video and then try to predict what will float.
  • Tally Charts and Bar Graphs; Talk About It: Gather tally data from classmates about their favorite sports.
  • Matter Sorter: Place examples into categories, Tetris style.
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Jen W. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Avonworth Elementary School
Pittsburgh, United States
Students will love science even more with Brain POP Jr!
I have used Brain POP Jr for over ten years and I am amazed at how the site continues to grow and reflect what teachers need. The Science section alone now offers 57 movies! The movie characters hold the student's attention and thought provoking essential questions are used and typed on the margins of the movie, as well as spoken. The questions drive the instruction of the movie. The movies are direct and to the point and often are 3-4 minutes in length. I especially enjoyed the flexibility the sit ...
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