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BrainPOP Jr.: Reading & Writing

Videos and more explore the written word, from basic to complex

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BrainPOP Jr.'s 48 reading and writing lessons touch on a wide range of topics, including basics like phonics as well as more advanced skills like how to write an essay. Because there's such a variety, it's good to first spend some time browsing through what's available. As you plan, be sure to take advantage of the site's wealth of games, activities, lesson plans, and extension ideas.

New or struggling readers may benefit from some individual use -- have them immerse themselves in some reading fundamentals. It's best to experience the more advanced videos and activities as a whole class, especially when launching a new unit or exploring something new. Your kids can learn about Dr. Seuss and visiting a library before visiting a local branch to discover and research other great authors. Or, have your kids learn about descriptive writing (using all five senses) before kicking off a creative writing portfolio project. Kids may also enjoy browsing on their own -- give them time to dive into whatever topic might pique their interest.

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Jessica M. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Hite Saunders Elementary School
Huntington, United States
Great lesson extensions that grow the brain!
I wish this was free. I've worked at a school that did not pay the subscription and that was a bummer. If the site was free, I would recommend that everyone use this site. Since the site is paid, I recommend that elementary teachers who like to build off of lesson content really look into this site. They have so much to offer, it is worth the price. The amount of content this site provides that ties back into lessons that I am working on/have worked on is great and worth your time to explore.
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