Updated October 2014

BrainPOP Jr.: Health

Topics run the gamut, introduce both physical, emotional wellness

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  • Health & Wellness

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With eight subjects divided into 32 subtopics, BrainPOP Jr.'s Health section is one of its smallest and least comprehensive. Still, a good variety of topics are covered, from dental care to drugs to Internet safety -- everything's tied together loosely under the general theme of physical, emotional, and interpersonal health and safety. Many of the topics here overlap across multiple school subjects. The Bodies unit could work in both a health and a science class. You're likely to find topics that are relevant for a variety of purposes or units -- take a look around to see what's available and where you can best use it.

The site's videos are a great way to introduce a new topic to the class. After watching, take advantage of all the supplementary materials -- aimed at both you and your students -- to dive in deeper, make connections, and expand learning. Some activities, like the games and quizzes, are best for kids to do individually, while others are specifically designed for collaborative group work, so plan accordingly.

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Nate M. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Brain Pop Jr is an excellent teaching tool for my curriculum. My students love the interactive games, quizzes, and videos. There is always high interest and focus from the students and there are multiple topics/disciplines covered within the webpage
Brain Pop Jr is a fantastic resource for multiple disciplines. My department and I mainly use the health and wellness disciplines with our students. The video content is very age appropriate and covers many areas of our health and wellness curriculum, such as food groups and nutrients/nutrition, disease prevention, beverages, caloric intake and expenditure, and nutritional planning. The interactive quizzes and games are fun and exciting and hold the students interest and focus. The site also ...
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