Updated June 2014

BrainPOP: Health

From boogers to puberty, these fun videos are informative and painless

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BrainPop's Health offering includes almost 150 animated shorts on topics ranging from body systems to sports. Characters Tim and Moby go over the content clearly and with quirky humor -- a great mix for this age group. Teachers can use these short clips to help kids absorb details as they start to see the big picture; it's an excellent tool for both introductions and synthesis. Use the coordinating activities and worksheets as helpful additions.

Tim and Moby also serve as a humorous way into some wince-inducing topics, like boogers and puberty. The duo present all of the appropriate facts while managing to acknowledge a few embarrassing -- yet typical -- emotions, too. And beyond being kid-appropriate, the videos are educationally sound. Send your kids here when their curiosity extends to topics outside typical classroom coverage: acne, gender determination, or even the appendix.

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Christy B. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Great tool to use as an opening activity!
I really like using this application. Most of the time I do not need to review the entire video because it only touches the surface of the topic. This app should not be used in place of a lesson instead it is an opening activity. Moby makes it fun by his silly antics and also the kids like the silly sounds he makes. The definition was a lot shorter than the one I use and needs to be revised. Also the video hits on positive and negative acceleration but does not review the terms, instead they had Mo ...
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