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BrainPOP: English

Fun videos help teach most anything, from Poe to prepositional phrases

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BrainPOP's English offering includes videos on the full range of ELA topics -- they're best used to supplement and support your existing curriculum. From Roald Dahl and Judy Blume to Charles Dickens and Homer; from nouns, etymology, and context clues to critical reasoning -- there's a lot here. These videos are engaging, high-quality and, despite the stated range of grades 3-12, seem best suited for grades 4-8. This is especially true if using the lessons to preview new content or reinforce a recent lesson -- these are probably the site's best uses.  

Instead of using the CCSS-alignment search, save yourself time and simply pick what looks interesting -- you can always click Lesson Ideas to see any aligned standards. Be ready to adapt the suggested plans to the needs of your students and your own teaching style. Some high school teachers might also find the videos useful as lesson previews. The FYI link with each lesson can also be useful for older students -- it offers a selection of related, complex informational excerpts.

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Paige S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Falcon Creek Middle School
Aurora, United States
BrainPop is an educational resource to reinforce key concepts that are taught in the English classroom.
My overall opinion is that this is an engaging tool to hook students or review content to students. I just learned about BrainPop, and I actually liked it so much that I wrote a grant through our PTCO for a school subscription. I was pleased when my grant was approved, and now all content-areas, both students and teachers, are enjoy learning through BrainPop. I especially like that students can access it through home too for additional support. I will admit that the videos are a little more geared f ...
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