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BrainPOP: Arts & Music

Arts integration resource gets kids rocking, from pop art to hip-hop

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BrainPOP's Arts & Music module supports teachers with arts-integrated instruction, as well as some art history curriculum, for third through eighth grade (though many high school teachers may also find it useful). The video lessons are grouped into five main topics: Famous Artists & Musicians, Art Concepts, Learning Music, Making Music, and Music Genres.

Use these videos as engaging introductions to various topics. The majority of the lesson plans focus on implementation and application. They list the online tech tools and (mostly) easy-to-locate art materials you'll need -- from replicating percussion sounds and harmonizing to creating Impressionist compositions or Picasso-esque self-portraits. As with other BrainPOP content, high school teachers might want something more targeted at teens. If that's the case, consider clicking the recommended webinars and screencasts listed on the Lesson Ideas page.

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Sunshine M. , Other
Brain Pop Arts and Music great for lesson plans or self guided student lessons
I think the site would be interesting to students that operate at higher levels. I think my lower level students and students with learning differences would get lost in the shuffle of the site however. The layout is a bit busy and I think it might be distracting to some students. I think I will use the site with some of my enrichment groups or as a sub plan. There were several of the games and extended activities that were linked to the teacher lessons that did not work. This would be frustrating for a ...
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