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Brainly has ruined our school

Co J.
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Nampa, United States
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I would never use this product in my teaching. My students use it to cheat. All of my content shows up on Brainly within a month of my publishing it. All of the questions from our curriculum provider appear on Brainly. It is so easy for students to use, they often skip reading the instructional material and go straight to Brainly to find an answer to their questions. The answers are sometimes instructional, but my students are more apt to copy and paste them rather than learn. It removes ALL of the learning from the process, and I don't blame students for using it. With the help of Brainly, my online students can sail through a course spending 5-10 minutes on a lesson or exam, and score 80-100% on each assignment with the information. When asked a question, they act as if they've never seen the material before. With the help of Brainly, the learning process has been lost and the standing of our school has sunk to all-time lows.
My Take
I like nothing about Brainly. It is powerful -- pays to come up first on a google search, and convincing -- clever "advertising" to convince students to beg their parents to pay for it. It contains specific, curriculum based questions taken by students from assignments and tests. There is no monitoring. There is a way to flag answers as being from an assessment, but I've seen very few of the answers removed from the site in my 5+ years of flagging HUNDREDS of answers. There is no intent by this company to provide a learning experience. Its business plan is to exploit vulnerable children and their desperate parents to "get through" school without learning important concepts. Even worse, many answers are incorrect or poorly explained, meaning that any POSSIBLE learning that COULD take place doesn't because the content is not monitored or critiqued.