Teacher Review for Brainly

Somewhat of a Cheater's Paradise

My Rating
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
How I Use It
The site essentially functions as a database for test and homework answer keys which may sometimes be useful for the educator, but using resources from this site can be more harmful in the long run since students often visit the site for answers.
My Take
While Brainly is a site that is a pretty large database for test and homework contents and worksheet answer keys, this is the exact thing that makes it somewhat of a detriment and can backfire against educators. Students can sometimes search up test, or homework questions on google and will sometimes be led to a brainly link with the answer to said question, which obviously is bad for teachers. However there is a slight saving grace because anyone who visits the site only gets 3 “free” answers and further answer seeking, or desire to see the full test or homework contents requires a subscription; this gating technique is useful in the longer run against the previously mentioned problem, but is also something for educators to consider.