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Claudia Emilia P.
Instituto Lomas del Real
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
1 follower
Submitted August 16, 2020
1 person found this useful
Elizabeth T.
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. School 9
Rochester, United States
Submitted August 12, 2020
Jessica D.
Havlicek School
Berwyn, United States
Submitted August 6, 2020
Melissa K.
Oakview Middle School
Oakland, United States
Lorna M.
White Oak Elementary
Westlake Village, United States
Todd F.
Wheatland Elementary
Wichita, United States
Submitted August 4, 2020
Mandy R.
Tyler Run Elementary School
Powell, United States
Elisabeth L.
Winston Preparatory School
norwalk, United States
Jayson S.
Watertown City School District
Watertown, United States
Eva L.
Riverbend Elementary School
Springfield, United States
Jennifer H.
John G Tower Elementary
Wichita Falls, United States
Marty C.
Wells Elementary School
Wells, United States
Lauren W.
Ayer Elementary School
Cincinnati, United States
Rochelle M.
Maple Valley Anthon Oto Middle School
Anthon, United States
Bridget A.
Simon Butler Elementary School
Chalfont, United States
Holly L.
Killeen Independent School District
Killeen, United States
Christine S.
The Awty International School
Houston, United States
Tenika M.
Athens Intermediate School
Athens, United States
Submitted June 30, 2020
Laura M.
Great Neck Elementary School
Waterford, United States
L E.
Rocky River Elementary School
Mooresville, United States
Submitted June 30, 2020
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