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My Google loyalty led me here.

Tracey C.
Classroom teacher
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How I Use It
I used to carry around a small whiteboard from classroom to classroom, as all teachers at my school share their spaces and most of them have to travel to multiple rooms during the day. The whiteboard contained the agenda for the day and the homework students should have on their radar. When Twitter became a part of my daily teaching life, I started snapping photos of the board and tweeting them each morning. Then when my school became 1:1 with laptops, I decided to move my whole "whiteboard" onto a blog. So far, 3 1/2 months into the year, it's working swimmingly. Each morning, I put up a blog post with everything we will use and cover in class. I often type out instructions just as I will give them verbally, too. I include links to sites we will use and Google Docs restricted to certain classes/student groups. It's really a great way to start class--they come in, boot up, and pull up my blog, and if they're absent, they know exactly what to do.
My Take
It could be a better interface, but I'm working with it. I used to build a website with similar capabilities, but I find the blog format (i.e., new post every day at the top of a list, organized by date) is very helpful for kids to keep organized. I truthfully started using Blogger because it's a Google product and compatible seamlessly with my school Google/GAFE account, but I really do like it. For student blogging, I prefer Kidblog, FYI.