Teacher Review for ALEKS

A take on Aleks.com: A student's perspective

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My Students Liked It No
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I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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My teacher made me use this, and it was awful after the first few weeks.
My Take
Pages that reflect the student's perspective on ALEKs.com https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/aleks.com https://ihatealeks.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/hello-world/ Aleks, like many other online math resources, is only viable for a short while. The nature of the online resource runs students into the ground with the teacher's ability to assign an amount of topics every week. Only strengthen the instructor's ability to invade home life with meaningless, mindless work that can only benefit the students that really are excited about going super far in math. Otherwise, it is a wretched program that threatens student grades, and decreases student's willingness to continue participating in the program before they give up. Much like me and many of my peers this year, I have grown tired of Aleks, and have started to burn out on the program, while others have put it off for weeks because the program invades their time at home and is, just, not a good solution to keep many of us in the mood to learn math. And the Knowledge Checks are horrific. They catch you at any moment. The worst part of their nature is the set time that they happen. My instructor, for example, has Knowledge Checks about every 5 hours, or every 10 completed topics. So if you only take 2 hours to complete 10 topics (and it gets harder as you go), you are left with 3 hours to complete 10 more topics that you may have a little bit of a harder time grasping because the math does not click as fast; leaving you to spend your 3 hours reading and re-reading the instructions instead of completing topics. Probably the most annoying thing about this fact is the teacher's choice to grade you on your progress enough. As helpful and innocent as it may be, my instructor grades based on how many more topics we have learned from the last time she graded, and be aware, the Knowledge Checks will knock off or add topics from/to the overall amount you "know," leaving some of us to have to learn 30 topics opposed to the regular 10; consequently, if you are lucky to have a nose for math, your probably gonna get shunned by the others in the class because of how fast you breeze through the Knowledge Check, and how little effort you have to put in to get the grade you want. All in all, Aleks, from one standpoint is good, mediocare at best, really, for teaching kids math. It allows the teachers to further cut time out of weekends and weeknights that you do not have to worry about homework, and gives them more leverage to hit you where it hurts: Your Grade. Which for us high schoolers is really important if we wanna, you know, have a successful post high school and post school experience. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/aleks.com https://ihatealeks.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/hello-world/