Teacher Review for ABCya!

ABCya is the way to go for teachers! It has everything all in one!

Melissa Z.
Classroom teacher
Springfield, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
My Rating
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How I Use It
I use ABCya for various different age groups. I have used ABCya games to supplement the lesson that I am teaching. When I am working with my Kindergarten students we will use some of the ABC games as a way to teach them where the letters are on the keyboard. It helps them to recognize letters and find them on the keyboard. As the year progresses they will use Storymaker on ABCya to illustrate and write about their stories. Also, I love the games where they can create a movie or draw a picture. I have used these apps to have the students express what they have learned. The students are able to easily navigate the website. If they are asked to play a reading game they know what color the reading games are. If they are asked to play a math game they know what color the math game section is. Also, when you want to differentiate a lesson there are other games in higher grade levels that students can go on. I work with teacher to use ABCya as a way to supplement their lessons that they are doing. It is a great site for students to do independent work on. I admit there are a few too many advertisements on the free version and I am afraid of my students clicking on them. However, it has not been a big issues in my classrooms.
My Take
I really like this website a lot when used appropriately. I love the ease of the programs. They are spread out by grades and I find that they are appropriately grouped. I promote with teachers to be specific when going on ABCya. Instead of telling your students they can go on any game, tell them they should go on a specific game that relates to your curriculum. Also, I love some of the creative apps that they have been adding. You can use these apps to have them apply what they have learned in a subject matter. I love the ease of being able to navigate between grades and subject matters. If you are a mom looking for a site to engage your child or a teacher looking for a way to integrate technology this is the site for you. Check it out! It really has a lot of wonderful programs for your child/student to learn from!