We All Teach SEL: Social and Emotional Learning and Character Day

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 12:00-1:00 pm PDT

How do you disseminate ideas on the science of character, social emotional learning, and flourishing in today’s world far and wide? Learn two fantastic resources to support these ideas. First, learn about Character Day, set for September 13th and now in its fourth year. It is an exciting global day where students, families, corporations, congregations, and educators from around the world screen films on the science of character development from different perspectives.

In this edWebinar, Makenzie Darling, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement for Let it Ripple, will showcase resources supporting online global conversation around character—focusing on who they are, who they want to be in the world, and how to develop these character strengths (resilience, grit, empathy, courage, kindness)—all rooted in evidence-based research. Everything is free thanks to generous grants and donations.

In addition, Danny Wagner, Editor, Common Sense Education, will introduce Common Sense Education’s newest guide: Digital Citizenship & Social and Emotional Learning. He will highlight the digital dilemmas that students may face in their lives, showing you what character strengths students need to navigate those dilemmas, and providing discussion questions that get students thinking about empathy, teamwork, and more. In addition, he will suggest some online lessons and digital tools that pair well with the discussion questions for building social and emotional skills.