Teachers as Designers of Technology, Pedagogy, and Content (TPACK)

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 12:00-1:00 pm PDT

Teaching in a digital age requires a whole new layer of knowledge and expertise. TPACK -- Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge -- is a framework that helps teachers evaluate how their knowledge domains intersect to create a complex, situated form of knowledge in order to effectively teach and engage students with technology. Introduced by Dr. Punya Mishra and Dr. Matthew J. Koehler in 2006, the framework has been widely cited and has been described as “the most significant advancement in the area of technology integration in the past 25 years.” In this webinar, Dr. Mishra and Dr. Koehler will provide an overview of TPACK, including:

  • Describing the framework and the theory behind it
  • Providing examples of teaching approaches based upon the framework
  • Applying TPACK in planning and delivery of learning experiences that integrate technology to transform student learning
  • Highlighting how their thinking around TPACK has evolved

Learn how TPACK can help you evaluate your knowledge around pedagogy, content, and technology to design innovative learning experiences for students. Join Dr. Mishra and Dr. Koehler for our first webinar presented by the Digital Classroom community, and discover how TPACK can help you with technology integration!

Presented by Punya Mishra, Ph.D., Professor, Michigan State University College of Education, and Matthew Koehler, Ph.D., Professor, Michigan State University College of Education.