Online Security, Privacy, and Risk: How to Avoid Becoming a Headline

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 1:00-2:00 pm PST

Stay off the front page of the paper! In this edWebinar, join Director of the Privacy Evaluation Initiative for Common Sense Media, Bill Fitzgerald, as he talks about defining and assessing levels of risk in the classroom and school. He will provide tools and simple checks that we can all do to make sure we are using the available tech tools in a way that does not violate student privacy or school security. This edWebinar is for educators, administrators, and anyone connected to the school environment who wants to learn more about privacy and security in an app-based world. There will be time for questions after Bill’s presentation. Join us to gain valuable insight on student privacy and school security.

Bill Fitzgerald is a privacy advocate and technologist at Common Sense Media. Prior to joining Common Sense, Bill started and ran FunnyMonkey, an open source development shop focused on education, open educational resources, and peer-based learning. Prior to that, he worked as a classroom teacher for 16 years. At Common Sense, Bill directs the Privacy Evaluation Initiative, a program designed to evaluate privacy policies and practices of vendors building educational technology. Bill is a firm believer in improving our educational system through an increased focus on learner agency, and this is the lens through which he views student data privacy.