News and Media Literacy: Building Critical Consumers and Creators

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 1:00-2:00 pm PDT

More and more, young people (and adults) are getting their news online and from social media. There is also the increasingly problematic issue of fake news and the difficulty of determining credible news sources online. In an age of pervasive, fast, and on-demand information, there is a need for educators and parents to teach news and media literacy to kids.

In this webinar, Kelly Mendoza, director of learning and engagement for Common Sense Education, leads participants on an exploration of news and media literacy, including the latest research on kids and news, what "fake news" is and how to spot it, and ways teachers can integrate news and media literacy into their curricula.

Kelly also debuts the new News- and Media-Literacy Toolkit from Common Sense Education, with resources for educators to help build students' skills in being critical media consumers and creators. This webinar is designed for middle and high school teachers, librarians, and tech coordinators.