Device Free Dinners to Drive Home Digital Citizenship

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 1:00-2:00 pm PDT

What does family dinner look like nowadays? In the digital age, it's easy to let devices occupy more and more of our family time. As more kids and parents bring their devices to the dinner table, the opportunity to connect with family members without distractions is getting lost. One solution families can adopt is having a "device-free dinner" with more bites and fewer bytes!

Join Common Sense to learn about our Device-Free Dinner initiative. You'll first hear from Michael Robb, director of research at Common Sense, on the latest research on media, kids, and families. For instance, how do parents feel about the impact of devices on their families? Do they feel that they -- or their kids -- are addicted to technology? What's the importance of dinnertime for family communication?

You'll then hear from Kelly Mendoza, director of learning and engagement at Common Sense Education, about a free Device-Free Dinner Toolkit with turnkey resources schools can use to designate a Device-Free Dinner Day. The toolkit includes materials for parents, classroom activities, a poster, and a community-building dinner event for schools. The various options in the toolkit will help schools customize a meaningful event for their communities. Help families support a balance between tech time and face-to-face time with device-free dinners!

Michael and Kelly will field your questions after their presentation. This webinar will benefit all school personnel, including teachers, administrators, principals, and librarians, as well as tech coordinators, parent coordinators, and PTO staff.