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I have been an educator with the New York City Department of Education since September 2003. I was a library media specialist at both the elementary school and K - 8 levels for 10 years. In September 2013, I changed roles and became the technology teacher at Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. I was fortunate to join a new school as a 2nd year founding staff member. The first year I taught at Brooklyn Arbor, I taught grades PK through 3. Each subsequent year, Brooklyn Arbor added an additional grade level. In September 2015, it had completed the addition of a grade 4 and 5 and is now serving students in grades PK - 5.

I am passionate about the ability and future potential for technology to transform education and learning. Technology has made our world smaller, affording us the ability to communicate and collaborate throughout the world. I believe that these new avenues for communication and collaboration can help us to know each other better and create greater empathy, understanding and tolerance among people across cultures. I want my students to learn how to use technology to record, organize and share their thinking. I want them to communicate with other students through technology in a way that pushes their thinking, leading them to question and reflect upon it. I am excited to explore and use this site to find the right tools to provide my students with these learning opportunities.

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Creating a GAfE password - lesson 1
Social Studies
Grade 3 – 5
5 steps
January 10, 2016
Intro. to Digital Citizenship in the 21st century (Duration: 1 class period)
Social Studies
Grade 3 – 5
5 steps
January 2, 2016
Plan a Trip Project - Lesson 1 (Total Time= 45 Minutes)
Social Studies
Grade 3
5 steps
August 11, 2014

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