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Nora H.
Professional Development and Instructional Technology Coach
Whittemore Park Middle School
Conway, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8

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I am a Technology Coach who leads Professional Development for our 1:1 school. With many different types of devices including iPads, Macbook Pro Laptops, Mac Air Laptops, an iMac, Smartboards, Apple TV's, Auditorium Lighting and Sound Boards, Windows Laptops, and Windows Desktops, I work to stay current on improving learning tools. Having an extensive history with Web Design and Development, I continue to enjoy working in this area, too. I handle a wide variety of troubleshooting challenges that occur with technology learning tools. With a Master's Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision as well as extensive graduate work in Technology Curriculum and Integration. I have taught elementary, middle, high school, and college levels, and have served as an Administrator at a University. I also am very involved in the Sound/Media Team at my Church which live streams services, and is very technology-driven to incorporate a variety of ways to communicate the Word of God.

The school I work with currently was the only public middle school to win the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation National Leadership Challenge Grant, and we are at the forefront in the state of South Carolina with changing the way school functions to provide improved learning opportunities with digital content and blended learning rotations. We are currently working with the Rand Group, Quaglia Group, and TransformSC to move education forward. Please look for me on twitter @techthinkerchic .

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