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Michael Robb is Director of Research at Common Sense, overseeing research program, evaluation of organization impact, and program development research. Michael has been involved in issues involving media and children for over 15 years. He has published research on the impact of electronic media on young children's language development, early literacy outcomes, and problem-solving abilities in a variety of academic journals. Michael also has supervised community educational outreach efforts, helping parents and teachers make the most of quality children's programming. Previously, Michael served as the director of digital learning and research at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media. Michael received his B.A. from Tufts University and M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from UC Riverside.

Michael lives in Connecticut with his wife, two sons, and dog, Charlie. His hobbies include hiking, cycling, racquetball, video games, and binge watching great TV shows. Since having kids, he's now perfecting the art of picking up toys, building obstacle courses with pillows, trying to keep water in the bathtub, and napping. He and his wife are both learning an instrument in the hopes of starting a Partridge Family-style band.

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Our New Research Shows How Kids Consume and Think About the News
posted on March 7, 2017
In a world where information literacy is critical, Common Sense's research explores kids' relationship to the news -- and how adults can help kids thrive as 21st-century citizens.
What Educators Need to Know About Technology Addiction
posted on May 3, 2016
Common Sense examines the latest scientific research about problematic media use in our new report.
Understanding Your Students: A Glimpse into the Media Habits of Tweens and Teens
posted on November 3, 2015
Common Sense's new study quantifies screen use, identifies unique types of users, and uncovers patterns that could spark improvements in content, access, and learning.

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