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Golden Valley High School
Merced, United States
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I still remember our first computer. It was a Commodore 128. I remember my father typing lines of instructions into the computer. I recall not being allowed to touch the 5 and 1/4 inch floppies. I can still hear the sounds of our dot matrix printer; I can still remember the joy of understanding why the name Dot Matrix for the droid in Spaceballs was funny.

Eventually the Commodore 128 gave way to some other beige machine. My family were always sort of early adopters of technology. I'm talking Compuserve. I mostly used the big beige box to type out papers in high school when I wasn't chatting on AOL.

I attended college at UCLA where most of my peers seemed to have their own desktops computers. I did not. I had to rely on the kindness of neighbors or the computer lab. This wasn't the only thing that made me different. I was one of a few from the Central Valley. I managed to earn a degree in American Literature and Culture despite my hardware handicaps.

I returned to the Central Valley to pursue teaching because I wanted to help more Central Valley kids go off to college.

My use of technology as a teacher was generally shaped by the technology offerings at my school sites. As the access increased for my students, my proficiencies naturally followed.

I am currently the Teacher Librarian at Golden Valley High School in Merced, CA. Two years, as a classroom teacher, I was one of small group of individuals in our Golden Valley Instructional Leadership Team who piloted a 1:1 classroom environment. Last year the entire school went 1: web. Last year in my role as a teacher trainer with our Instructional Leadership Team, I had the privilege of not only piloting apps and websites in my own classroom, but also helping other teachers learn to use these tools effectively. I look forward to continuing with this work in my new role as Teacher Librarian.

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